Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Pillow Cases

UFO Sunday with Leah Day at The Free Motion Quilting Project
A boy was born...I thought it would be fun to make him a monster Halloween pillow case.  Well that was 8 years ago!  Now I have two kids.  So the other day I bought fabric to make a Halloween pillow case for my daughter too.  You know you can't just make one pillow case when you have two children.

So I googled for a pillow case pattern.  I found Magical Pillowcase Tutorial by tiddletails.  Here is her blog:   where you can find the instructions:

 It was so easy!
Why did I wait so long to make the pillowcase????  Sometimes the time just isn't right.  I too like Leah wonder why I made something, didn't finish it, or just the other day I was telling a friend of mine about the expensive first fabric that I ever bought to teach myself to quilt.  I pulled out the fabric to show her...there where a few of the original blocks I had made plus some other things I had sewn together and I don't ever remember doing them!!!!  That was about 19 years ago!!! 
I am only keeping 5 UFO's out in plain sight.  The rest are behind closed doors or drawers.  They all must wait their turn to come out to be finished.  No mater how loud they scream at me!!! 


  1. I'll give you an excuse for not getting the pillowcase done 8 years ago......I doubt the pattern was on the internet that long ago. :>) Sounds good anyway. I'm sure your kids are enjoying sleeping on their new pillowcases.

  2. Your pillowcases are adorable! 5 UFOs in plain sight indeed... good plan.

  3. Now is the perfect time to finish this UFO!

  4. What a good idea to limit the visibility of your UFOs - much less intimidating! And the pillows are darling!